Welcome to MinnesotaView

MinnesotaView, established in 2008, is working with state agencies and universities in Minnesota to advance applications of remote sensing by research, education and outreach. The Consortium is led by the University of Minnesota. Its founding partners include the Minnesota Land Management Information Center, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, and Minnesota State University – Mankato.

MinnesotaView is a member of AmericaView, a nationwide consortium for remote sensing education, research, and geospatial applications.

The goals of MinnesotaView are to:

  1. Increase access to and application of remote sensing data and imagery by agencies, schools and colleges, and citizens.
  2. Enhance understanding of the characteristics and uses of remote sensing data with information on its website (MinnesotaView.umn.edu), preparation of fact sheets, and linking potential users to remote sensing specialists so that sensors and data are well matched to user needs and applications.
  3. Develop improved linkages between remote sensing and GIS to make the best use of geospatial data.
  4. Promote collaboration among agencies for development and application of remote sensing.